Paul Trinca- Misguided Enchantment lyrics karaoke Original Rock Music

Paul Trinca- Misguided Enchantment lyrics karaoke Original Rock Music

the idea girl says

paul sent us one of his original pieces 🙂

double click on the video to download for free…

My web pages:!/paultrincamusic

I wrote this song in June 2010 but had never gotten around to finishing the studio recording.. although I have played it live several times. Well, here it is, finally completed over a year later. Hope you enjoy!

Sitting in an empty place
Might as well be outer space
No one’s here, no friendly face
Vanished, gone without a trace

It’s not to say I need a friend
Or someone on whom to depend
I guess I know not why I care
About a thing, about a thing
I’m unaware

For the moment I’m not good, but I’m not bad
Am i sad?
I guess what I am getting at is that I don’t know where I’m at
In fact I’m feeling rather flat
A vacant spot where nothing sat

So close still yet so far away
Is finding someone I can say
Can really brighten up my day
A mutuality display

It’s funny how a single burning leaf makes so much smoke
It’s nice to see a big result but all it is, is cause to choke
If then amidst your plight you come across a little fortune
And burn a log, no smoke in sight
Yet it might keep you warm all night
All night


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