GreenishART LIVE FOR TODAY Indie Rock Music Video Lyrics Karaoke

GreenishART LIVE FOR TODAY Indie Rock Music Video Lyrics Karaoke

( Home Demo December 2011)

Something hurts me in your way
whenever you say we have to fake.
We float on words and get inside
a basic love that makes me cry.
Something could be ever new
But if I try to think of you.
I forget all the simple change
And loose the move into the game.

Trust in me when I say
that nothing changes or fades.
We could live for today
And die from another way.
And try to love as the first day.

Something is just burning out
your dreams, your joy, your fears, your thoughts.
An old desire to be as one that makes me wonder if I can.
Something great.
All like you
is maybe too much or simply lost.
I have to try again and again or maybe to go away.

But there is nowhere to go
to know the real special thing
that makes believe or
that makes me feel
that I could love you again.

Lost together.
Another view.
The same.
My mirror.
The same reflect of pain.
Lost together.
Another view.
The same.
I’d like to say : “I want to stay”.
Say : “I want to change”.

But there’s nothing I hope,
that I might wait,
that I might want.
We have to live for today
and die from another way
and try and try again and again…..


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