The Open Road BIg EAST indie folk rock music lyrics karaoke videos

The Open Road BIg EAST indie folk rock music lyrics karaoke videos

the idea girl says

beautiful harmony in this new karaoke song 😉

The Open Road

The sky is wide and the stars are bright I’m here with you in the firelight
The sand is warm and the embers glow The milky way is the home I know.

I feel the wind rushing through my hair, Smell the rain drifting through the air.
A wandering life is all I know. You cannot tame what you cannot hold…
A longing for the open road.

Calling me onward to follow along,
The bend of a song at the sunrise,
Chasing the rays and losing my way,
At the break of the day as the crow flies,
Riding the wind, I’m here nor there,
On a wing and a prayer, Lift your eyes
To the open road.

Gazing out a dusty lane, the stars and sky obscured by panes.
Freedom torn like the kitchen door, there is time for the road no more.

Still we can run with the wind and rain down the corridors of summer grain
I know you miss the unbounded sea But I’m glad you chose a life with me
over the open road.

-ahs- Where the land and the sky draw a line in your mind The horizon collides with the sun…


Toil subsides, duty fades Passions kindle, long betrayed
Senses heighten, wonder grows Shadows pass in the afterglow.

In timeless hills and canyons deep I contemplate your eternity
For wild souls cannot be contained by earthly vistas or narrow lanes.
Be one with the open road.


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