Cruise Control Official Music Video, indie, rock, music, lyrics, karaoke, film, animation, movies

Cruise Control Official Music Video, indie, rock, music, lyrics, karaoke, film, animation, movies

cool animation in this video, love it!

sent to me on youtube, creativity from crayola crayons…

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Well I’ve got cruise control but the speed limit is changing to better suit the curves of the road that’s left remaining. Find a gas station I’ll check my engine up and down, fix what’s been the problem, remove all of this nagging doubt.

I was feeling pretty good about just how things were going. Guess I’ll chock it up to ignorance, how could I have known? I’m not a mechanic, maybe I could’ve fixed this but my hands are getting greasy, I don’t want to get sick of this.

Pre CHORUS: Don’t wanna be alone in the breakdown lane. Don’t wanna be the one to let it happen again.

CHORUS: Just wanna let you know: You’re appreciated. Gave my life a tow, now it’s been upgraded. Please keep me in check, and stay inside the lines? I’m forever greatful for all of your time.

Well my cruise control is broken and now I really know it. The car is under my control, I don’t wanna blow it. Better buckle up, keep your legs and arms inside the ride, and open up your eyes when safely on the other side.



I cannot believe I almost let this happen. I swear to you I’ll fix it, and we can be alright then.



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