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When it’s all the same
Tuesday’s ain’t fun when it’s not with you
I can’t contain
Breaking away from this habit —
Smoking, shaking
Lost in my head just
Tweaking, thinking

It’s not so lame
Cocaine ain’t fun with just a line or two
I’m bored again
Playing with blades I’m slicing
Here in a daze just
Hummin’, singin’

Spill out the lies
Make me believe what you say is true
Spill out the lies from your eyes
Write the words, say the lines, “I’m for you”

Rejections cold
My problem’s solved, when I’m stalking you
Following trends
Denying the thoughts my deepest darkest secrets
Chasing the lines made of
Crystal wishes

Rejections cold
My problem’s solved
Following trends
Chasing the lines


Dexter’s Kin
Spill Out The Lies (Official Music Video)
ⓒ 2011 Interdependent Productions LLC

Ryan Heilman – Director / Producer
Eddie Belaval – Director of Photography / Producer
Cameron Frittz – Editor / Producer / Camera Operator
Corey Richardson – Camera Operator / Media Manager

Doug M. Otero of D’Style Make up!
Courtesy of Jennifer Karasik and Salon Luba

Production Manager:
Dana Smith – Courtesy of Alana Lee Entertainment

Filming Location:
Pete Zepina of VIDIOTS

The City of New York and the NYPD

And to all our friends and extras. Thank you so much!


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