MTV Coverage – S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival 2007 Music Video – Sun 26 June 2011 – Market Square – 50 Church St, St Catharines Ontario Canada

MTV Coverage – S.C.E.N.E. Music Festival 2007 Music Video – Sun 26 June 2011 –  Market Square – 50 Church St, St Catharines Ontario Canada

the idea girl says

were all heading downtown today for this one day music event called S.C.E.N.E

Can’t wait to get my camera out and film and photo some of the rock stars there.

From what I’ve been reading some of our major canadian stars have actually performed at this event in the past.

Market Square

50 Church Street

St Catharines Ontario Canada

QEW Niagara, Toronto or Hwy 406 to Westchester Ave.

Geneva Street to Church St.

2 Hour and All Day Parking available in and around the events.

Walk up a few blocks North and you can find loads of parking spaces nearby.

Don’t park at the welland ave – Giant Tiger Plaza you can be towed away.

Best to stick to the side streets and designated parking areas.

there are a few parking garages available downtown on Queen Street, the one on Carisle is being re constructed.

Your best bet is to park around Montebello Park on Ontario St/Lake Street.

Take Westchester Ave (heading west) towards St Paul Street and Ontario St.  Go straight through the lights where the four streets intersect (St Paul West, St Paul East, Ontario St and Westchester Ave) go up three blocks (past King and Queen St) and Montebello Park is on your right.

There is a Hospital on the left don’t park in their lot, keep to the side streets.  There is parking past Montebello Park, turn right on Welland Ave from Ontario St and there is loads of side street parking available down there.


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