Working The Knight Shift (Original) Official Acoustic Video, indie, rock, alternative, music, lyrics, karaoke

these guys use their imaginations in video presentation, love it!


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(Includes Drums and Strings)

Lyrics: I am a knight of metaphorical sorts. You’ll note the absence of a shield or sword but I still feel like I have so much work to do. But what’s a knight without a maid? I know you didn’t really ask to be saved but, hey, it just so happens that my horse has room for two.

So the question is will you come with me. Then if you happen to need protection then you’ll know just where I’ll be.

CHORUS: (Won’t you) Take my hand & hold on tight and we’ll ride out of this town. I’ll keep thieves and dragons at bay. The world will never bring us down. As long as you’re with me I could easily escape peril & doom for sure. If I had the girl I adore, then you’d have your knight in shining armor.

I’ve got this thing where the nights and days, they blur together in unusual ways. And my perception of time is desperately askew. So if I’m gonna be good for anything else I first got to do something about myself. And it would seem the best remedy for fixing me is you.

So the question is: Is it still ok? If my suit’s a little rusted? My boots a little busted? See, the shining in the title still counts with lack of luster. I can give you me all of the way.


Well I don’t need to read the book of love to see that we’re as close as two can get to ‘meant to be.” Now take my hand dear and I’ll work desperately. So at the end of the day I’m your knight, girl I aim to please.


Our dummer was recovering from being sick and missed film day. We are sorry she was not a part of this video. She will appear in future videos.


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