Epyllion – One Giant Leap – new, indie, rock, music, 2011, lyrics, karaoke

Epyllion – One Giant Leap – new, indie, rock, music, 2011

the idea girl says

i’m such a dork, this was sent to me in april 2011

it’s got 37,000 views now!

wow.. good for u guys 😉


This video was directed and edited by Eric St-Cyr, all camerawork by Jason St-Cyr. As always, feel free to e-mail us at epyllionband@hotmail.com – this is the best way to get in touch with us, as we often don’t reply to youtube messages. Thank you!

Music written by Epyllion, lyrics by Eric St-Cyr. Produced by Eric Hitsman.


Trusting isn’t always easy
When you’ve been hurt in the past
So let’s combine our scars together
Let’s align our stars forever
We know enough to make it last

It’s one giant leap for the both of us
It’s one giant leap
But if we both jump together, we’ll land on our feet
It’s one giant leap

So if you’ll give up your abuse
I’ll take my head out of this noose
Staring up at that old moon
I know this couldn’t happen too soon
So take a chance it’s gonna take some time

Don’t look down, don’t let go

Jump with me


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