Tupac ft Joe Budden and Paul Diesel We Continue Growing Remix by DJ Veli Hot new Hip Hop 2011 lyrics karaoke

Tupac ft Joe Budden and Paul Diesel We Continue Growing Remix by DJ Veli Hot new Hip Hop 2011 lyrics karaoke

the idea girl says

new tunes when remixes make something that sounds a bit different

i like it especially the nice piano tunes in the back ground

gives it a rich sound.

Great remix made by Dj Veli ft Tupac , Joe Budden and me Paul Diesel co produced by xtramental productions. Lyrics to my verse below. Please rate/comment subscribe all that good stuff. Thanks. Check out more remixes by dj Veli at The2pacremixchannel on youtube.
we just a brainwashed generation
addicted to medication
xbox and playstation
replacing our education
gotta charge our brains together regardless ur occupation
im already getting started im targetting every nation
but the hardest part about it is keeping the motivation
know my goals will be accomplished threw hard work and dedication
we going to higher places
we flowing with inspiration
they told us we wouldnt make it
but look at the road we taking
not faking dont be mistaken man im telling the truth
no mason thats down with satan its just me in the booth
lets face it a taste of the money
makes every day sunny
makes every joke funny
but what about the broke and the hungry
im telling the facts
the same ones that are selling the gats
and raising the tax on gas
the real pain in ur ass the stain on the glass
strapped and ready to blast
only do this for 1 reason to give freedom a chance


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