Project Pitchfork – Dead Cities – CMW 2011 – Lyrics Karaoke

Project Pitchfork – Dead Cities – CMW 2011 – Lyrics Karaoke


the idea girl says

a band called dead cities will be in toronto march 2011 for canadian music week

not sure if this is the one…

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Dead Cities from Continuum Ride – English – German

Come with me to the lake at night
Let’s jump into the water
As the stars give a different light
We can forget the slaughter

Embrace the night
Let us sink into the calmness
And we see in this different light
That all their monsters are harmless

When the bodies turn into one
And the form undresses its colors
The night fuses the undone
And the essence shines to others

We are helplessly going insane
As we dive into the abyss
They look at us with disdain
As we give their poison a miss

The dead city is falling apart
That’s what we see in the sunlight
The boundless force of our dream
Is what we feel in the moonlight

The dead cities are crumbling to dust
That’s what uncovers the sunlight
The boundless force of our dream
Is what grows in the moonlight



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