Wicked Amazing Valentine (Music Video) – lyrics, karaoke


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it’s valentines weekend.. the big day is on monday feb 14th.

here’s a fun song to sing… along too.

sliceofepiccheese | February 07, 2011 | 34 likes,

“I completely, stinking love you this Valentine’s Day!”

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A valentine greeting
My heart completing
Each loving thing I write
The soaring doves
Reflect my love…
Also migratory flight

How do I say how much you mean to me?
I’ll pick a phrase or two
You make me feel like I’m invincible!
I’d fight a zombie for you

So, I’m just asking, would you be my
Wicked Amazing Valentine?

I think you’re excellent in every way
Well, some of the time, anyway
I look into your eyes and see
The hillbilly sitting behind me
I know I’m a little bit self absorbed
But I hope in some way that you know you’re adored
I could go on and on, but I’ll just say
I completely stinking love you this Valentine’s Day!

I think I should ask, how does it feel to be
Someone as awesome as you?
It’s gotta be a blast! It looks that way to me
As fun as Star Trek coming true

So I’m just asking would you be my
Wicked Amazing Valentine?

Wicked Amazing Valentine
You’re just brilliant all the time
On a shiny scale from one to great
You’re like 428

Written & performed by: Jared and Abigail Kraft
Lyrics by: Jared, Abigail, & Lynnette Kraft
Filmed by: Lynnette Kraft


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