TheEmptyVessels – The making of Consolers Music Video

the idea girl says

here’s a uk band doing a music video in their house..

cool song .. they are planning to release a new album soon.

ross mcivor sent me this info on linkedin..

they need to add info – the bands url, band members names, instruments they play, title of song, album it’s on and where they are from, also add this info into the tags.

If you want lots of views, add lyrics to ALL your youtube videos for karaoke and fans to enjoy..

You will build a following if you post a new video every week or month.

more hits to the youtube channel, people “like” your videos

and youtube posts you as the most watched video for that day. 🙂

hints from the idea girl on twitter 🙂

thanks 4 sending me your youtube info 😉

linda randall

igc entertainment canada

TheEmptyVessels youtube


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