Yellowcatz youtube – feel alive? (original song) lyrics karaoke

Yellowcatz youtube – feel alive? (original song) lyrics karaoke

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here’s a new song for your new years eve party playlist!


Yellowcatz | October 15, 2007 | 60 likes, 4 dislikes

original song

i’ve started a new channel for solely original acoustic/electric/vocal/harmonica performance vids:

feel alive?

i don’t know where i come from
but i know one day i’m going back
i only bought a one way ticket
but i’m gonna sneak in round the back
and when i go
don’t you know
i’m gonna miss you so
we had some good times together
but when you gotta go
you gotta go

i see the sun rising
burning my eyes
and there’s a moon shining
moving the tides
and there’s a man crying
wishing he could turn back the time

oh but don’t it make you feeel alive?

i feel the breeze
swirling around
blowing the seeds
i see the trees swaying
oh such elegance and ease
and there’s a dog howling
wishing he had a bone
and there’s a man sleeping in the park
wishing he had a home

and all the street lights flicker
showing me the way
and there’s a woman on the corner
asking me to pay
for some real live action
i smile and walk away

oh but don’t it make you feel alive?

yellowcatz (c) 2007



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