Your Crown by Socratez & Wemsum lyrics karaoke

the model in this video is absolutely breath taking, she looks like an angel 🙂

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Verse 1(Socratez)
never in my life i ever thought i mentioned
a queen to be has caught my attention
my angel,n she got the wings to prove it
girl join me and well continue this movement
an empire we will rule this palace
together we be how they going to stop both us
focus and ill never be hopeless
dedicate this song to you so rejoice this
shawty wanna ride just like she wanna fly
give me time and well build a ship to the sky
where we be just you and i ,only true no lies,
try my best to be ur perfect guy

Hook(Wemsum) hook written by (Socratez)
shawty wanna ride we can go right now
up to the sky so plz stay a while
my baby grl in this crazy world
girl ur my queen now shawty heres ur crown

Verse 2(Wemsum)
I just gotta tell you bout the way i feel
i aint tryna rush things just tryna keep it real
so please just chill so heres the spill
ive been getting little feelings that are accumilatin still
im helpless selfish cant be nobody elses
aint no way im letting go cause i aint neva felt this
committed my hearts kinda lifted
im shifted cant get enough im a addicted
truth is you got me feeling kinda lost
you changed my old ways i’ll let you be the boss
ya heard it its worth it
i think your so perfect
a girl so cute that she got me real nervous

Verse 3(Socratez)
shawty lets go tell me if your down
others grls get a ring for you you get a crown
yes your my queen yes im your king
we should wear jerseys cause we make a good team
shawty ur mine and nothing else to it
if we fuss n fight you know we can get thru it
life is liek a movie there always a happen ending
girl we’re only young this is only the begining, yes
you got me singin, uh you got me wishin
if i don’t have you girl you know that i be trippin
so grl listen, you’re the one i’ll be missing
this be our song the hook got me whistling




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