Jonathan Emile – Life Goes On The Lover/Fighter Document Hip Hop Rap Lyrics Karaoke

jonathan emile - award winning poet, composer and performer from montreal canada

the idea girl says

Jonathan beat cancer at the age 17 and is living his dream and a world famous hip hop rap star.

Posting his music on my writing blogs for Nanowrimo writers typing tunes, enjoy music all month long while you CREATE a new novel.

jonathanemile | September 26, 2008

Original ‘Internet Single’ Release from Jonathan Emile

Jonathan Emile “Life Goes On” from The Lover/Fighter Document 2009 –


Producers – Lindsey Glazier, Gavin Roy

Co-Producers – Phil Adrien, Ryan Bauer, Jon Ingham

Director – Gavin Roy

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

Aaron Hale
Ampora McLean
Alan Alderton
Samantha Nemeth
Charles McGeoghan
Frank Von

Post-Production By – Gavin Roy

Camera Operators – Ryan Bauer, Nev Todorovic

Lighting Director – Phil Adrien

Production Assistants – Yuki Fujita, Martha Hale, Julia McGeoghan

Life Goes On
Artist: Jonathan Emile
Song: Life Goes On
Album: The Lover/Fighter Document
Video: Gavin Roy Seal
Year: 2009
Written By: Jonathan Emile feat. Alisa Charles
Produced by: Mindpeacelove Records DIV.
Composed By: Jonathan Emile & Pierre Messier
Original Recording: 8th & Broadway Studios’ & Studio Piccolo (A)
Players: [Pierre Messier – Synth Programing, Keys, SFX] [Jonathan Emile – Lead Vocals, Lead Poetics, Song Arrangement, Drum & Bass Programming, Piano, Synthesizer Programming]

(Verse 1) Written & Performed By Jonathan Emile
And In this paradox
We glance at clocks
And bleach our socks
And we become susceptible to wholes
We enter the freeway, with change we pay the tolls.
We live our lives with polyester rested on ours skin
And thats why sometimes sometimes I feel I’m wearing thin
And there is no time for the present so the essence is now.
I have no time for irreverence I’m relevant sound.
Respect the minutes and the seconds never wrecking the resonance
metamorphic landscapes sky scrapes from old tenement
Progression is evident to the question of residents
Ignorance and pocket lints make militants
look at these cultures assimilated
these shelves of importation outsourced the occupations
liberal legislation be loading us education
My frustration makes me blatant
I’ve got to keep it shaking
I’m a lover and a fighter and a passionate brother
I, love what i do and i’ll do it like no other
I’ll adopt a baby girl and I’m a name her free
cause i know thats going to be her destiny
These brothers they always true to get the best of me
I give it to them cause there ain’t no rest of me
Through chemotherapy
Chop beats for Jeremy
Fearing that death is nearing me
Or is this preparing me for
More year I hope to see another dawn
Forbid that I won’t, but if i don’t, Life goes son.

(Hook) Written By Alisa Charles, Performed By Jonathan Emile
In time, The wounds will heal
Hold your head up
In spite of what you feel
Each time you cry
The tears will dry
And it won’t be long
Before Life Goes on

(Verse 2) Written & Performed By Jonathan Emile
And the streets are cold
Five One steady grinding get teht paper to fold.
Hold position for mission back is splitting form the chemes
and these ignorant brothers fill the streets with hollow dreams and its oppression
The essence is lessons that’s never learned, paper hustle to churn.
Shorty’s is getting burned still it makes my stomach turn
I plummet to confirm my quest for that cash I got to make it fast cause some day I want to have a family,
Comfortable brother is living trifling in their fallacies LaSalle is me duplexes reflections there off the balcony; unscathed.
Why is I fire and rage?
Why is I fire and rage?
As a child never really though of rocking the stage
Even though Airlie was a few blocks away
It only came in adolescence
The presence of conversing with my father venue menus times get harder.
The comfort of the burbs evolves to DuBois rude boy rap cat who be hustling Joy
Mad Creative, My two god brothers incarcerated some how I feel my rhymes are out dated, cause Life Goes On.




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