Jonathan Emile – First Flight – New Album – Year of The Tiger – lyrics Karaoke – New Hip Hop Rap Music

Jonathan Emile – First Flight – New Album – Year of The Tiger – lyrics Karaoke – New Hip Hop Rap Music

jonathan emile

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JonathanEmile2 | March 21, 2010

Jonathan Emile – First Flight – Year of The Tiger

Written, Composed, Produced & Performed By: Jonathan Emile


(Verse 1)
Is what you make of it soldier
My people hustle and stuggle
They steady searching for the

To gide they way through the peril
And keep them on staight and narrow
And keep them in they line of

Gets so obscure by the drama
Material and the trauma
We all just trying to shine

Illumination all patient
In Hopital waiting body in pain
Hoping I make it through the night

This my story I’m sorry
Just like to give my perspective
And stay reflective when I

Cause words are just so essential
And when I pencil I focus my mental
Upon doing

There ain’t nothing you could buy
There aint no drug you can try
To make you feel you alive
There ain’t no car you could drive
To take you to paradise
I hope you feeling vibe
Homie this is my first


(Verse 2)
Step out into the dark.
Plunge right into the universe of fate.
I’m gonna make you love me;
Just like you should’ve loved me from the start

Break out into a dream.
Uleash all the bars upon your heart.
I’m gonna make you fly;
Fly like you never ever flown before

Recorded @ 8th & Broadway Studios. © Mindpeacelove Records (2010) in association with Bongobeat Records. Jonathan Emile is an official Member of the Kalmunity Vibe Collective & Franco Proietti Morph-tet.




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