Paradiso Girls VEVO Youtube – Patron Tequila ft. Lil Jon, Eve

the idea girl says

thanks 4 sending me this video and group, I haven’t seen them before.

I get loads of international videos sent to me from all over the place.

I love international music, so keep it coming people!

Thanks a bunch!

I’m a bit behind with posting, computer was down this week.

I have to get a new one soon.  So if I don’t post for a few days you know why.

thanks for visiting my blogs.

If you click on the calendars’ and links, I have hundreds of music, videos and movies posted on all channels, go back a year and see what’s back there, and enjoy it!

Linda Randall

Idea Girl Consulting Entertainment Canada


About the idea girl

Author, Blogger, Writer, Music, Entertainment, Movies, Novels, Book Reviews, Arts, Fiction, Travel, Hiking, Comedy, Humor, Jokes, Celebrity News Photos, The Power of the Platform Speakers on Life
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thank you for commenting come back soon!

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