Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are Music Video Feat. J.Reyez – Lyrics – Karaoke

Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are Music Video Feat. J.Reyez

the idea girl says

here’s some new tunes for you to listen to 🙂


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This is dedicated to someone special, who’s birthday is August 15th. I got a chance to perform with these amazing talented artists that all came together for the first time ever to put on a show for Seattle on August 14th so I used clips from the event to put together this mash up video. I also used videos of others off youtube singing the song so I hope you don’t mind that I used clips of your video!

I had to change the pitch a little bit on the video so it wouldn’t be removed off youtube!


(verse 1)
when I wake up next to you girl
it’s like a dream and I’m stuck in 2 worlds
you’re beautiful and you’re always shining
your happiness to me is worth more than diamonds
many people out there but you’re worth keeping
it’s 8 letters, 3 words and 1 meaning
I love you but we have our lil’ arguments
that don’t stop and we forgot who started it
I blank out and the thoughts surrounding me
you and I, every time you smiled at me
and I’m blessed, God’s gift to me is you
your eyes, the world I see in you
and time never goes to waste
don’t change ’cause you can never be replaced
this love, you can never re-arrange
every time, when I see your face

(verse 2)
just the way you express within girl
you’re nothing short of my everything
and every memory’s so sentimental
your happiness is my essential
this a way for me to say thanks
no stress, I want you to give me strength
when I’m hurtin’, you’re so close to perfect
but to the world you’re just one person
but to that person, you mean the world
it’s just how we ride, me and my girl
we do this Bonnie and Clyde sh*t
we fall together, we coincide it
the way to my heart, it was hard to find it
but you found it, deep down inside it
this love, you can never re-arrange
every time, when I see your face


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